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What's Currently in My Gym Bag

1. Airpods – Prior to Airpods, I had Jaybird X3 wireless headphones and loved them! They stayed in my ears through running, cross training, you name it. I still keep them in my gym bag as a backup if my Airpods are dead.

2. Body Glide For Her – This Anti Chafe balm is a life saver when I run. I used it when I ran my half marathon a few years ago and it lasted the whole race!

3. Jump Rope – Candidly, I love to jump rope... and fun fact, was on a jump rope team in elementary school. I haven’t mastered more than 10 unbroken double-unders yet, but skipping is always a killer workout that torches calories . I bought one on amazon that is adjustable and I love it!

4. Sling Shot Hip Circle Resistance Band – If you squat, you need this. It’s the best band I’ve found that forces my glutes to engage when doing squats. I use this with most of my clients.

5. Running Socks – Definitely worth the higher price tag. One thing I learned in training for a half marathon is that socks are not just socks. I’ve linked my recent favorites, but Feetures is also a great brand.

6. Loop Resistance Exercises Bands – These affordable bands are great to take into a gym if you’re working out by yourself. They come with 5 levels of resistance and you can use them for dozens of moves.

7. Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer – Self-explanatory. I’m not necessarily a “die hard” fan of this, but it definitely helps me sweat more, and I need it the most on my waist. It doesn’t hurt anything, that’s for sure!

8. Pilates Socks – I try to make a reformer pilates class at One Lagree at least once a week, so a backup pair of gripper socks in my gym bag is a necessary!

9. Cosmetic Goods – I always have a backup set of “get ready items” in my gym back in case I have to get ready at the gym before work. This includes travel sized shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair comb, hair brush, it’s a 10 spray, dry shampoo, deodorant, lotion and ponytails. I can’t tell you how many times this has saved the day (literally).

10. Quick-Dry Towel – In case the gym I’m going to doesn’t offer sweat towels, I keep one in my gym bag for backup.

12. Flip-flops – Once again, if I have to shower at the gym before heading to work, I want to make sure I’m prepared. Nothing is worse than not having shower shoes in a gym shower.



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